Sharing information is difficult. We ask each other the same questions over and over again. Whenever answers are written down, we often don't know where to look. Worse, information goes out of date really fast.

Orientation makes this easier. See for yourself.


Have a question? Create an article and ask someone to write down the answer. Know an answer? It works the same way, except you can write the article out and share it with more than one person.


Do you depend on a piece of information that may evolve in the future? Simply subscribe to an article and you will be notified whenever it's edited in the future so your knowledge stays fresh.


If someone else on your team can confirm the usefulness or validity of one of your Orientation articles, they can endorse it to increase its ranking in search results and make everyone on your team feel more confident.

It's not so hard to make documentation. What's often harder is to find it when you need it. Worse, when you don't even know it exists. Orientation uses full-text search on article titles and contents.


It's easier to find answers when you know what you're looking for. Guides are lists of links to articles. They can help onboard new employees, discuss best practices, or just make lists of lists.

Start using Orientation today, for free.

Orientation is an open source Ruby on Rails application you can install for free on Heroku or fork from GitHub and host the way you like it.